Vietnam Salary Survey

Timely information is the most powerful tool you have in the competitive HR market place

If you need timely information concerning key trends in hiring practices, salary expectations, bonuses, turnover rates and other HR related issues our Salary Survey is for you.

Navigos Group Salary Survey represents the most current and up-to-date information available in the market. Established in 2005, and updated annually, the survey provides a unique and thorough analysis of the salary market across a variety of industry sectors, company sizes and locations.

  • Local Knowledge - Founded on comprehensive experience from Vietnam’s most knowledgeable HR consultants.
  • Independent Methodology - Developed in-house and fully independently, our methodology is world-class yet designed specifically for the Vietnam market.
  • Best Value - This information could save your company thousands of dollars just by avoiding overpriced wages!

Our Survey is made available in different formats for your convenience including Printed Report, Online Report, and our Mini Report.

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Keep informed of remuneration trends - Increase your competitiveness in the talent market